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Why Hire A-1?

In order to be successful in the staffing business, it's important to form long term working partnerships with our clients. This is equally important on the other side of the coin, because as an employer you don't want to be breaking in a new personnel agency every time you need to place someone in your organization. This takes a lot of time that you really don't have.

Our Business Is Knowing Who Your Business Needs

At A-1, we make it a key part of our business to gethand to know your business and what sort of 'culture' you have within your office and/or plant walls. The information we gather from getting to know you and truly becoming an extension of your HR functions, is one of the most important factors in our ability to consistently find the right people for you—people who will fit your culture and perform to and beyond your levels of expectation.

Our Pre-Screening Service Makes Your Decision Easy

At A-1, we have an in-depth pre-screening process based on a number of critical factors, all filtered through our own experience and insight. This process results in a 'Short List' of ideal candidates from which to make your selection(s).

Your Staff Can Be Contracted Through A-1

Another service we offer is that of having your staff contracted through us. Through this service you can 'cap' certain costs and get a better idea of your labour expenses, while continuing to focus on the key areas of your business. We can handle all payroll, WSIB costs and paperwork, all Revenue Canada matters, including T-4s etc., as well as any training that may be required.

Complete Driver Training, Certification & Thorough Driver Screening

A-1 is one of the very few industrial placement companies in Southern Ontario with an in-house driver trainer, who can offer a number of THSAO approved Driver Training & Certification programs. Having our own in-house driver trainer also allows us to further test the qualifications and confirm the experience of drivers in advance of sending them to our clients.

These features have proven to be extremely appealing as they provide a great deal of added value for both our exisiting and prospective clients.

How Can We Help You?

Click here to send an email to one of our staffing coordinators, or contact us by phone at 905-564-1040 and ask for Lubo Mazurkiewicz or Derek Kearney.

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